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A compelling story

In the book “Myanmar Gold”, you will read the compelling story of the Chin People, an entire tribe in Myanmar, numbering in the millions, who were completely converted to Christ by American Christians. (Myanmar is more widely known as Burma.)

Award-winning author M. A. Robinette walks & talks with Pastor Naing Thang.

A people and a hero

In the book, we will introduce a particular group among the Chin, the Kaang Chin, as well as a living hero of the faith who was born among them as their conversion from the darkness of Animism began. This great man of God, Pastor Naing Thang, was called from among the Kaang Chin when he was just a boy living in a mountain village, that to this day, is still very primitive and remote. Our story gives a unique glimpse into the interesting and strange lives of the Kaang Chin. You will see how God used willing men and women to dispel the darkness of witchcraft as the light of the Gospel overtook evil.

A Kaang Chin woman proudly wears the colors of her people.

Adventures in an exotic land

This deeply engaging book contains exotic stories of encounters with tigers, bears, pythons, headhunters and even drug lords, and was written from a collection of several years of first-hand accounts from dozens of locals throughout Myanmar. Written by the two-time Associated Press award-winning writer, M.A. Robinette, who is also the founder of Mission To Myanmar, his work was completed with the rigorous standards of the news trade.

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These and more original paintings by Burmese artist Zayer Lin are featured in Myanmar Gold.